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About Me

I’m Łukasz Podwysocki, Designer and 3D/CGI Artist specialize in visual design, 3d modeling, sculpting and post-production. Creating images with a strong focus on details.

What I does?

Digital Sculpting
When you need to create an advanced kind of object you must reach for a digital sculpture. The market of movies and games is dominated by the digital sculptures. Thanks to advanced technic is possible to creating every details, every shape of objects or 3D-enviroment.
3D polygonal Modeling
The perfect tracking of an object is the best key to creating a realistic picture. Everything starts from creating a detailed clomp, regardless of end result – it may be an animation ads, a printable 3D-object, a vehicle added to finished movie or game’s hero.
Texturing and shading
The shape and materials are important properties of the objects. The designer takes care of every reflection, every sense of asperity, metallic gloss or scattering of the light. A variety of graphic-programmes are used and I can move every single property of the object to his digital representation.
I use huge engines to make the composition best regardless of clean open space or closed dark space, where the light highlights objects’ shapes (Arnold, Octane, Redshift, Vray). I can create conditions to make a finish picture perfect and closed to artistic’s intention.
I take care of every detail. I deal with color’s correction and emphasise the glint of light. The experience in working with pictures let me bring out the most important parts of the composition. I can connect a few animations in one unity or just fix mistakes in materials.

Selected Clients

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